About Reid Robertson

Reid Robertson is a family group dating back to 1987, when it commenced trading as a finance and management consultancy, and has been managed since inception by its founder and Chairman Michael Reid. The group prides itself on a number of achievements, including the creation of Australia’s first fully comprehensive computer loan comparison and application system, known as TecBanc, dating back to 1989.

Since venturing into property projects in 2000, the group has been involved in numerous successful projects in South-East Queensland, including a number of commercial acquisitions in Brisbane, such as 371 Queen Street, 495-501 Adelaide Street, 324 Wickham Street, and 9 Hercules Street to name a few. These properties were subject to value-adding by renovation, strata titling, development approval and/or leasing, and were all subsequently sold during the property boom. The group facilitated and participated in the purchase and directorship of Holy Spirit Hospital, Wickham Terrace, and was responsible for re-branding it to its present name as Brisbane Private Hospital. Interest in the business was on-sold within months at a substantial profit.

One continuing investment of note is the purchase in 2002 of the primary M1 advertising billboard, known as Big Bertha, at Beenleigh North. In addition, the group has maintained its participation, albeit selectively, in property development.

In recent years Reid Robertson has focused more on business ventures, including creative solutions company Brenton Blue, which has been responsible for the ground-breaking patented Clemp system of joining metals without welding or external clamping. Brenton Blue is also engaged in the development of a revolutionary hybrid energy system on behalf of our associated energy industry group, Gamikon. Patent applications have now been filed worldwide, and the project has progressed to the development of a commercial prototype. In the meantime, Gamikon is launching in 2015 a low-tech energy solution for outdoor use, being a multi-fuel cooker which also heats and distils water, under the brand AquaBlaze.

The group is also engaged in other research and development, specifically in the latest on-line version of the TecBanc system, and other cloud exchange applications related to the advertising industry and games.

The group also owns Australia’s primary golf course and golf driving range advertising business, GolfAds Media, and Invue, a unique airport baggage carousel system which enables protected advertising. Most recently, the establishment of Fairport Media Limited in Hong Kong has expanded the distribution of advertising and marketing products and services to markets in Asia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand, with more countries due to join in the coming years.