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Reid Robertson, operating since 1987, is the flagship brand within the Reid family’s private equities group with diversified investments in technology, engineering, energy, property investment, property development, advertising and marketing.

After 14 years specialising in finance and technology, the group moved early in the new century into property and advertising. During the next decade, numerous property ventures were successfully concluded, as co-owner and development manager in commercial, residential, industrial and specialised construction and refurbishment. In 2010 we diversified to embrace global economic opportunities, investing in energy and engineering with an emphasis on renewable energy technologies.

Recognising opportunities in the disruptive delivery of services, we have again expanded in 2015 into data systems and marketing services, based on a community distribution model. In a demonstration of its commitment to this division, the group has also invested in the sport and recreation sectors.

Our mission is to partner with extraordinary people in pursuit of extraordinary results.


Futsal Super Six

The Futsal Super Six is a network of six Clubs owned and managed by Futsal Holdings, a division of The Futsal Group. 

Superliga de Futsal

The Superliga de Futsal is a new futsal league established by The Futsal Group, created to raise the level of professionalism within the sport of Futsal.


One of the Super Six Futsal Clubs

Calibre Futsal

Trainer of FAF Officials, Elite Players and National Event Managers.


The home of futsal. We offer Futskills, Street Futsal, Social Sundays and Competitions.


Futskills provides participants with a dynamic entry into the sports of Futsal and Football.



ClubMaster is a full-suite networking group catering for the needs of its personal, business, and organisational Members


Current Projects

Enquiries are welcome in relation to sales, purchases, or joint ventures on property projects.

Past Projects

The Reid Robertson group has been engaged in numerous property projects in south-east Queensland, predominantly since 2000, as owner or co-owner and development manager.

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