GolfAds Media is a ClubMaster Associate Member, accepting trade dollars ($T) and issuing reward points (RP) on sales.
GolfAds Media sells advertising to corporate client Gamikon for $10,000, being $A8,000 and $T2,000.
Gamikon becomes a ClubMaster Member.
Gamikon purchases $T2,000 for the then current ClubMaster $A exchange rate, or receives a loan from ClubMaster Rewards of $T2,000.
Loans of $T are interest free.
Gamikon receives RP’s issued by GolfAds Media at its determined rate (generally 1:100).
ClubMaster earns a fee for the RP’s issued (1%) and the $T received (4%).
GolfAds Media spends its $T2,000 by purchasing goods and services on part or whole trade.
Gamikon sells goods and services to earn $AT.